Does she want to cheat on her boyfriend with me?

This girl is looking at me a lot. every time I look around I see her looking at me. she's pretty cute and all, but she's dating this guy. Even when she's at lunch with he boyfriend, I see her looking at me. Also, the looking is getting annoying because some people are beginning to think there is something going on the side. Which is even more surprising because her boyfriend looks like a mix between John Cena and the Rock and is also the quarterback of my hs. What should I do. I've been thinking about trying something on the side with her.


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  • In cases like this I always try to remember that karma sucks! Somewhere down the road when you're in a relationship you may just want to expect that some guy will try to start something on the side with your girl while she is dating you. Just because the opportunity is there doesn't mean it's the right time. Personally, if she is into you and is staring you down sounds like she may be bored with her guy. But just because she's looking doesn't mean she wants to act on it. And let's say she is bored...wait till they break up and you can totally catch her on the rebound if she is into you and that is all you want. I am not saying it's right just wanting ass, but you get the point right. Good. Enough said.


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