How to tell if a guy is serious about you? any ideas? thank you :)

I really need a help how will you if they are serious? I'm so confuse...

1.saying I love you?

2. date you and introduce to his friends?

3. spending more than 2k usd for plane ticket just to see you?


  • Saying I love you?
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  • Date you and introduce to his friends?
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  • Date you and introduce to his friends?
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  • Other (comment)
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LETTER C: spending more than 2k usd for plane ticket just to see you
Ohh I feel sad my other question was removed... :(


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  • Time is the only way. Guys go to great lengths just to trick girls into thinking they love them so they can get them in bed. No joke. I know many who'll say "I love you" and won't mean it or will date and show you to his friends/family (though that's more rare) or even spend a ridiculous amount of time and money traveling far for just a chance at having sex.

    And it's a pity one of the girls said "Saying I love you" cause that makes me think the girl is easily used if she thinks the guy just saying it means it.

    But ya, time tells all. So you need to really let it last months and know them for months before you'll see for sure. Maybe even a year or more or such. Time will show them if they just want to f*** and use you or if they are confused and just like you but don't love you and ya... everything takes time it seems.

    • mnnn but what if it takes 10months and he decided to meet the girls and the family of the girl so what do you think then?

    • It might be likely, but it's still not certain. I'd still say more time :P but it really ends up depending on you and how you feel if you can trust him and such. Hopefully your trust won't be misplaced because you don't deserve to be used like that. But ya, time tells all things and why I always encourage a woman to wait even a year or more before getting sexual with a guy cause his true nature will show likely in that year.

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  • A guy will open up to you about things he would not admit to normally compared to a girl he just saw as a fling. A fling he would say the things you want to hear, act cocky, confident and always charming. If he's more serious, he'll let you in on his soft side, weaknesses, doubts ect if you ask him (He's still probably downplay it though a little).

    But if its not serious, or just the beginning he may just "play it off" well with a good sense of humor.

  • B&C are the same... It bothers me.. Anyways.. I'll choose D.. If he is really serious he will start to show genuine care for you, your well-being, what you care for/ believe, and your feelings. Just my opinion though.

    • AWW yeah sorry lol... the letter C it should be: spending more than 2k usd for plane ticket just to see you? hahahah...anyway thanks for the comment :))

    • @ your update: Yeah, like 3 questions I answered a few minutes ago, just got removed :O

    • LOL... that's weird... I guess my question is just a normal lol... there's no harsh words or whatver, very weird...

  • Introducing you to his friend and family, and not being just focused on sex with you. Saying ILY is too easy.

    • mnnn, I see... how about spending more than 2k usd for plane ticket just to see you? do you think its a one factor to be consider?

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    • I think the actions that have him showing you off to those around him (that he's close to, family and close friends) are the biggest factors. Those are the ones where he's putting himself in the emotionally exposed position.

    • mnnnn gotcha.. but I guess he don't using me just for sex thing because he respect me...i don't know I'm still confused lol

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