I just got dumped, I need help?

My boyfriend of a year just dumped me a few days ago he says he wants to stay friends I really miss him and want him back when is it OK to text him ? How long should I wait ? Should I let him text me first? Should I tell him I miss him? I need help!


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  • Don't do anything of the above!

    Don't text him, don't email him, don't call him, don't whatever him.

    You just need time to get used to a life without him, you'll get there! When you're in a situation like this and people say: you'll get over it, it just needs time, you think: whatevs, I'll never get over this!

    But you will, it's true that time heals all wounds :) I'm not saying you'll forget him and you'll be completely over him, you might have a soft spot for him in 5 years from now. But you'll be able to say: it was a nice time, but it had to end.

    But for now, just focus on his bad parts and things you won't miss. Go out with friends, read, watch movies (not love movies!).

    It'll be a hard time, but you have to get through it. You can try being friends when you're over him. Don't try to talk him over, or try to get another chance, you'll just end up hurt again.

    Take your time to get over him and when you feel ready to talk to him again without feeling hurt, you can text him.

    But people say "let's be friends" when they end a relationship even when they don't mean it, so you'll just have to take your time and don't let him push you into friendship :)


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  • It hurts like hell at first and you think that calling him is going to make it better. It will not and a lot of people will say that. You can only do what you can, so try to distract and find things that help out your emotions. Keep moving, B.


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  • if you really want him back then you gotta follow the NO CONTACT RULE this time.. you do this to 1. refrain from being too emotional & needy at this point (which is a turn off for dumpers..)

    2. to make him feel the LOSS. ( that way he will realize your importance to his life )

    3. to make him WONDER.. ( get away from his radar...dont text,email,call,pm etc.. that way it will ignite CURIOSITY on his part and he will begin to wonder what has happened to you..)

    4. if the guy feels that you have moved on by not contacting him, he will feel insecure..remember: PEOPLE WANT WHAT THEY CANT HAVE..

    5. if you become successful in not contacting him for like the 2-3 wks...he will try to contact you by that time..and most likely by then HE WILL WANT YOU BACK

    remember there is this theory called PUSH AND PULL: the more you chase after the person, the more he will wanna run away...so MAKE HIM MISS YOU! goodluck!

  • You don't do any of those things at all.You delete any way that you have of contacting him right now!Realise that you deserve better and focus on yourself for a while,go out with friends,pamper yourself,do anything that makes you feel better