Pre-first date Road trip. Good idea, bad idea?

So there is this girl that I liked for about a year. We exchanged numbers upon meeting and for many different reasons from both of our ends, we never went on that first date. Though we did text and use MSN messenger very much throughout the first six months.

(I left town for the second 6 months and was unable to stay in contact)

Anywho, we ran into each other again, exchanged pleasantries and she really wants to get together. Now texting became extreme constant since this second meeting. and we found a time to have a first date, classic movie theater date this coming week. She is a junior in college and I am a graduate student.

The problem is that she took a train to spend the weekend to a city about 3 hours away. I am going up to the same city for a music festival and will be arriving the same day that she is. I know this because she texted me asking if I happen to know anyone driving back to the school. I told her that I might be and she said she would be very interested in taking the ride with me

So, the question is, will a road trip possibly ruin our planned first date?

Could this be a good "first date"? It is only 3 hours...but 3 hours of conversation for two new people seem like it might create a problem. Maybe 3 hours of no conversation? ouch. Or is this a very good chance for me to get to know the girl much better in a very short amount of time?

Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

please comment!


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think it is a great idea. If you both don't end up strangling each other before you reach your destination. You will probably find she will open up and share much more about herself. This is good because you will either like her more or probably not talk to her again. Also giving you valuable insight on what it would be like to date her.


What Guys Said 1

  • Good idea. It will be your unofficial first date, but at least you will learn about her and how you respond to her. If she is comfortable with you, it only helps your chances.