I told him off, now I want a response, advice?

After a year of a relationship and a following year and a half of being "be buddies", I finally said enough was enough and I unloaded all the things I should have said to my ex. I told him to grow up, I told him that he needed to put a mirror up to his face and look at himself and where his life was going. I wasn't disrespectful, but I did let him have it. I told him I wasn't going to keep my nose open for him anymore while he just made off with the cookies scott free. Truth is, we have been back and forth like this before... but this time I put my foot down. Now there's this omnious silence... I don't know if I'm still in shock that this affair might very well be over. I am really stupid to expect or even hope my words will spark any change or thinking in him. Most likely he said "F#ck you too" and deleted my email and me out of his life. I wish me feelin this way (anxious about never getting his true feelings) wasn't how I felt but after all this time I still care about him. I've tried dating other men, even slept with some since then, but no one compares to this invisible cordlike connection we had. Its damn near impossible to find. But I made it clear I couldn't go on pretendin like a once a week bootycall was enough. He has said several times he wasn't ready for a relationship but he still loved me. Oldest trick in the book, right? My question is, will I get his side of things or am I kiddin myself here. 31 yrs


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  • Well, if you didn't want sex once a week then what did you want? Marriage, picket fence and kids? Ahh, you'll probably back with him again in a few weeks. You don't want booty calls but that's what are, babe. You are one of those women. You aren't the marrying type. You should just offer your services on craigslist for like $50 a pop.

    • Ah. And you're scum. :-) its just what you are babe.

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