Haven't heard from this guy who kissed me in over a week... Please help :(

Hi guys,

On Friday last week I was at a club and met one of my friends there. We've never really been that close as he is super shy and doesn't say much around me but when he saw me her gave me a huge hug. We danced a bit and then he kissed me. Quite a lot actually. Quite passionately when he was leaving...

Anyway, since then we've had no contact whatsoever. We don't have each others' numbers and he's never on Facebook.

The other night I went to a friends house and he was invited but didn't come cause he was helping family with something. He usually always comes (maybe a couple of times he hasn't) so I'm thinking he's avoiding me now... He told my friend the Saturday after that he kinda likes me but he isn't sure. I don't know where I stand and I really like him! :(

He is really shy but I don't want to make excuses, do you think he is really into me or did he just want a kiss and that's it? We can't avoid each other forever cause we have a few mutual friends so I just don't want it to be awkward!



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  • This happens a lot, It's something you have to get used to and understand. I used to feel the same way you're feeling but now I pretty much expect it to happen so now it doesn't faze me. I think if he really did like you he would of gotten in contact with you, but there are more guys out there so I say just forget about it for now.

  • I think he just wanted a good time that night, and he's not interested. Otherwise, he'd have made the effort to get in contact with you in some way by now.