Does hanging out with his friends gain you respect?

This may not truly be a question, but more so just opinions. I've had a boyfriend of about 3 years and have spent a fair amount of my time getting to know him and his friends. This wasn't purpose at first, but in the end we became somewhat of a clique, in the sense that I am now 'one of the guys'.

In respect of this, I am looked upon not as that 'dumb girlfriend', but instead as a smart, talented, funny girl who happens to understand men a lot more then most guys realize. All because I've hung out with my boyfriends friends enough to know really how guys act around each other vs how they act around women. (As well, its given me some knowledge on how men think, and really how to act respectfully around men and not have them judge me if I act too girly, too emotionally, etc)

Have you ever hung around your boyfriend's/guy friends friends? What was the outcome? Did it work in your favor, or did it end terribly?

And guys, what are your opinions? Do you mind chicks hanging around your guys?


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  • I wouldn't really want my girl hanging around my friends too much. I need some guy time away from my woman every once in a while. Besides us guys like to talk like we are big shots and wear the pants in the relationship, before going home and doing what our wives or girlfriends tell us to do. We all know we are full of crap, but at least we get to pretend we are in charge for a while.

    It is pretty cool when our girlfriends get along and respect our friends though. It sucks when our girl friends hate our friends. It is great if she can hang out with all of us from time to time. Just not all the time.


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  • I would love it if my girlfriend would hang out with my best friends. It would mean I'm not the only guy who thinks she's awesome. I trust my friends well enough that I know they wouldn't hit on her. And if she gets the way I think, it just gets better.

  • Yeah, I wouldn't mind, just not all the time.


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  • I think it is a big part of showing him that you are truly interested in every aspect of his being. Dipping your toes in his social life shows that you care about what he needs as an individual.

    Do note -dipping your toes in and **not** invading. Definitely let him and the guys have their guy time, they need it. It's fine for you to become good friends with his friends, but at the same time you need to acknowledge that they are first and foremost HIS friends.

    Also, unless they're douchebags it should earn you major respect points among his friends if you befriend them too, pretty much for the same reason he'll appreciate it: it shows that you have his best interests in mind.