Been out with this girl a number of times, could she have feelings for me and want to date?

I have know this girl for a while now from work. I have decided to ask her out. Granted, I never flat out asked her on a date, just requested that we get together.

We have been chatting on I'm for a while now and she's always very receptive and talk about so many subjects. I asked her if she'd like to try out a particular restaurant once and this was met with an enthusiastic "yes!"

We had a great time that night. Talked about many things, work related, career goals of us ect, but everything was on a platonic level.

She's a shy girl and I would want things to progress slow with her. Upon returning to her house, she invited me inside. I met her mother and sister and all of us talked together for an additional hour. We embraced at the end of the night and parted ways.

We met up again a few times and this similar interactions took place. She often smiles at me, we laugh together and have similar interests.

She also came to my place. Sat real close to me as we browsed my ipad. We would look up videos online.

She accepted an invitation to go to NYC for a day trip as well!

This girl is very enthusiastic about it too.

Now, having said all that, could she possibly like me more then a friend? She;s shy and hard to read. Also how should I progress this to more of a dating possible relationship realm? Should I tell her how I feel and that I want this to progress into a relationship?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • She definitely digs you. Women don't devote that much time and enthusiasm to men just out of charity. ;) It COULD be that she sees you as a really good friend but I highly doubt it. Since it's common knowledge that guys usually only ask to hang out with girls alone for one reason, it would have been protocol for her to tell you that she's not looking for a relationship if that were the case.


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