What are the RULES on dating?


I have always been in relationships since I was 16.

I'm now 21 just starting dating.

Is it normal dating rules to date 2-3 men at a time,

i don't mean sexually. Just dinner and concerts, etc?

Is That Okay to have 2 dates with different men in a week?

Are there even RULES on this dating thing?


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  • Yeah of course. I date several girls at once. Just depends on what you want at the time and don't lead any one guy on. Also, don't complain if you find that one of the guys you like is also dating multiple girls.

    • I'm looking for something more with one of the guys I'm dating he is also dating another girl.

      And I don't want to come out and tell him that I wanna be exclusive. I feel like I'm doing this other guy wrong, I hope I'm not leading him on... What has a girl done to win you or, at least be one of your favorites :P lol

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    • Thanks, hope you let a girl win you for a change haha

    • Any girl that swallows, will come close to winning me.

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