I think I messed up... help please?

I had been seeing a guy for the past month and things were really good. We are both focusing on our careers so we did not get to see each other all the time, but we made time for each other and kept in touch everyday through text/online chat, and we had fun during the times that we did get to physically hang out. It was going at a decent pace, we weren't all too serious with each other and it wasn't exclusive, but we were getting there slowly.

One weekend, suddenly, we just stopped talking. I was at a kickback somewhere in his neighborhood, and when he asked what I was doing that night, I told him about it and said that he and his friends should swing by. I wanted to see him, though I didn't actually say that. He said yes, he would come by, but when it got a little too late, he told me that he didn't want me to wait around just for him, so he said we'll meet up next time and to tell him about my night later. I think I might have messed up here because, even though he was probably being considerate, I was stupid and was upset about it and so I didn't contact him the next day. I was thinking about it during the day though, because he could have contacted me too. In any case, this silence actually just kept going for the next few days, the first time in the whole month that we went without talking everyday.

I sent a text over when nearly a week had gone by, not questioning him or anything, I wanted not to be suffocating, so it was just a greeting saying hi and that I hoped things were well. I almost expected not to get a response back, really, but he did reply after some time to say that his work got busy and also asked how I was. I told him I was fine, and encouraged him about the work. (Sometimes I wonder if this was a mess-up too, whether or not I should have texted him.) After that, we have not talked, and I actually do believe he has me blocked online (since we talked often online during the month, I think I can reasonably assume this, knowing his online habits). I don't see why this was necessary, I was already trying to give him space.

It feels like I've messed it up to cause him to lost interest for some reason, rather abruptly. Is there any way to salvage this situation? I really like him and want him to know that, but I have heard one opinion that the last text I sent sounded just friendly, so I may have given him the idea that I was NOT interested. I am hesitant to try to reach out again, since it was not really well-received the last time. But should I do it and how can I get it started again? Please help!


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  • couple of things. first, don't assume he has you blocked as wrong assumptions are the bane of relationships. secondly, all you need to salvage the situation is to contact him in person, make and effort to see him and go on a romantic date.

    • Ok, let us disregard about the blocking. But I AM concerned by the fact that he did not continue the text conversation that I tried to initiate. And that he has not made any efforts... Given that, would it be too much for me to go ahead and ask him to hang out?

  • not at all. ask away, take charge and show interest


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