What is the definition of a date?

I don't think I've ever actually been on a real date then again what is a real date? We have this on going argument at work so I figured I would ask here ti settle this once and for all!

Ok so is there a difference between dating and boyfriend and girlfriend?


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  • Date to me means this:

    1. I ask her to go out on a DATE not to "hangout"

    2. I pay and pick her up

    3. It's 1 on 1, just me and her

    4. I am 99% of the time interested in a romantic relationship with her

    5. Last but not least SHE also agrees it's a DATE and not just "hanging out" which most likely means she might also be interested in a romantic relationship

    • RE update: To me dating is the stage to see if your compatible enough to make it to the boyfriend/girlfriend stage. Being out on a date in no way indicates you're a couple. Again in my definition of a date both people THINK (you won't know unless you try) they might be good together so they go out on dates to see if they're compatible on that level or not.

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