Does it mean something when a guy texts you first?

- we met only once and exchange contact no., he and I chatted about job searching when we've met as I live alone in the city, his text say that

-we met few weeks ago and he introduces his name again

-how is job searching process

i replied to him saying that I just got a job offer and will start working and hope to stay in touch with him... but Haven't heard of him ever since

just thought he is kinda a caring person and a gentleman, as he pour tea for me and I can see that he is a little bit shy but very kind hearted.

i wanted to keep in touch with him and I thought of him sometimes when I feel alone... so I called him and said hi, see if he wants to go to Sunday church with me... apparently he will be on a business trip on weekend so I asked him for email and I say we keep in contact, what advise do you give and what do you think?

i found it surprising that he will text me because I don't know him too well

if he doesn't like me, he can choose to be silent and not find me at all

when I got the text message I am quite happy :D


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  • By texting you first, it's obvious he wanted to talk to you at the time. But whether he likes you as a friend or something more is up for debate. Continue trying to get to know him better, and see where things go.

  • yay!