Should I ask him for his number? :)

So, I met this guy last week at a football game and we talked for like an hour. He is really sweet and kinda shy, but it seemed like we hit it off pretty well. He didn't ask for my number, so I brushed it off. My friend just texted me though, turns out I will be seeing him next Friday! If he does not get my number, should I just go for it and get his? Or is that too pushy? Thanks!


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  • No! Definitely ask for it. Since you guys have already talked for quite a bit, you've already established some form of relationship and aren't a complete stranger, so it won't be odd if you ask for his number. He was most likely too shy to ask for it and honestly, you can't really go wrong with asking him for his number. Either way it'll give him more confidence, so if he does in fact like you in any way, he'll probably be more likely now to contact you (text, call, etc) since you initiated everything. A lot of people will also come up with some stupid excuse to say when you're asking for guy's numbers too, though honestly, just simple saying, "oh yeah, and what's your number?" before you leave is enough. I've done it plenty of times before and it's never turned out bad/awkward!


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  • Yea you should go for it, why not ! He was probably too shy to ask