Dating sites...are they actually any good?

Well, my ex has been bugging me recently about how I should go out and find a boyfriend, and I feel like I should probably try and meet someone, too. He suggested trying some kind of dating site since I'm not particularly good with new people unless there's a conscious effort from both sides to get to know each other. The thing is, I'm pretty wary about it. I'd rather get to know someone in person, y'know? It seems more genuine to me. That and I feel like I'm kind of young for a dating site...but I'm sort of vaguely considering trying it anyway, cause I've had almost no luck with guys on my own. What do you guys think? Do you have any experience with them? Are there any decent free ones out there?

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  • Met my ex on www.plentyoffish,.com and we dated for 2 years.

    Altho I like OkCupid better, it has fun questions to answer.

    You will meet a lot of ugly, boring, and weird people on dating sites, so don't get your hopes up.