If you knew you were a girl's second choice after she broke up with her boyfriend, would you still date her?

If you liked her and thought she was dumb for being with the guy for over 3 years because of the times you were together both knew there was something there. I know for a fact (I used to talk to her best friend) that if and when she and her current boyfriend wouldn't work out I'd be the runner up. I thought she'd figure out he was a dead beat in her mid 30's when it was too late. But now it's over. She texted me out of the blue a week after it happened and the day after she talked to him for the first time since then. She texted for the sole purpose to tell me. It was kinda strange since she and I don't really text. I backed off awhile ago because I thought she was too into her boyfriend and shut out everything else. Last summer she used to call me and talk to me out of the blue though. I was always like a second boyfriend to her.

He broke up with her because he said he didn't lover her as much as she loved him. So I'm obviously afraid of being rebound. And I feel it's unfair to be too available to her like this. But if ever I believed in a "One" and someone who I could almost say I could spend the rest of my life with, it'd be her.

What would you do? I know it has a slim chance of working. But would you go for it?


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  • damn, I'm no number 2 guy...

  • Nope.