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Guys, have you ever liked two women/girls at the same time? If so, what did you do? How did you weigh in who you liked more? How did you act? How did you get out of it?


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  • Each guy is different, so dude in question will make his own choices about which girl to take

    We definitely have to choose between the two and get with only one, because no girl wants to be dating a guy with multiple girlfriends. You girls don't like us liking anyone who isn't you, so we have to always stay with one girl if we're going for a relationship.

    This has happened to all of us many times, and really I think it comes down to availability. If a guy likes two girls, if he pretty much likes both girls equally and is having a hard time deciding who to go for, he'll go with whoever is easiest to get.

    This is cause when we have these two options, whoever we pick needs to like us or we're screwed. The other girl won't like being second best (girls really really hate finding out they're your backup plan), and won't go with us after finding out we tried on that other girl first. So if the girl we go for doesn't like us, the other girl won't either no matter what, so no one likes us and it sucks.

    So, we go for the one we think we can get.

    If the girls aren't really equal, we go for the one we like best, usually the hottest one (just in general) but also fun and personality and niceness are big big factors.

    When it happens to me I always make the choice and usually end up friends with the other, and mention I kind of had a thing for her after a while has gone by.

    • But what if neither know you like them both? That neither girl knows one another, or that said guy likes them both? Would they ever go for the girl they liked second best? You guys are confusing sometimes, but I'm slowly understanding more and more..

    • If they're two girls who don't know each other, and neither know you like them both, the guy will go for his first pick, unless he wants to get laid as soon as possible and so wants to go for the easier target.

  • I have been experiencing this the past few weeks. I really liked one girl and could see her as a girlfriend, but going long term I wasn't sure, but had a "we could see how it goes" mentality. A girl I just met recently just blew me away, we were totally compatible and I felt a very strong connection with her.

    The first girl I was going to go out with, but I had the "I don't know" mentality about long term with her, and I don't know if she could pick up on that (probably) or felt the same, because she was half stepping as well. The second girl I could tell had done her homework on me with other girls I am friends with and was coming at me with her A game. Doing everything I like, and she was perfect (so far) of all the things I want in a woman.

    I was going to go out with the first girl, because she had done nothing wrong and I had asked her first. But I decided not to lead her on because I wasn't as sure about her as the second girl, and she was a good girl and deserved a guy who was sure about going long term with her (I have heard her say that is what she really wanted in the past). So I went with the second girl because it was best for all three of us.

    Even if things don't work out with the second girl, I am confident in my decision and will stay friends with the first girl because she deserves a guy who *knows* he wants her for the long term. (p.s. keep in mind I am way more mature and honest with myself than most men, but this was truthfully how I handled it)

    • Update for girls (or guys too) : it's one thing to find out what someone likes, it is another to be a fake person to get someone to like you. If you are being real and telling the truth about things you have in common that's cool(being honest and secure), but don't fake who you are for someone (insecurity).

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