He's just not that into you?

I'm having such a hard time, and I think you girls can understand me..or I hope you do! I really like this guy, been friends/kinda talking for about 5 months now... when I realized I liked him a lot I told him I would understand if he wanted to be friends because there was not a lot of progression... HE then went on to tell me how much he really liked me but his life is complicated. He feels that this is a lot of baggage for me to take on since I have never even had a boyfriend or anything like this... well we decided to be friends and to hang out but now I don't know what happened but we are not friends, there is deff something there and we have made out and now we are just taking our time... and going slow... HOWEVER I'm starting to think he is not into me... I watched the movie "He's just not that into you" and I think I can see now, he does not call me just to call me, he brought up the point that he wanted to hang out with me recently and that we are going to hang out this week but it never seems to happen. He says he will make it up to me, and really is such a nice and sincere guy so of course I believe him. I like him a lot but I'm getting so tired of waiting... I know that girls tend to over think things and I'm deff trying not too... but really if he really liked me wouldn't he call, wouldn't he try his best to meet up with me, wouldn't he find more time for me?



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  • I don't think guys will just call to call. At least I don't of any that do... maybe you should call him? I know that guys are supposed to pursue girls, but if a guy feels rejected for some reason, don't expect him to try to make contact more than once per week. I know that if I feel rejected, there's no way I'm going to pursue her for at least a week or maybe longer and then all she'll get is a simple text to see if the fire is still lit. But yes, a guy should always pursue and know what he wants. I've never seen an attractive girl go for a guy that wasn't sure of himself.

    • thanks for your opinion... I know that he is deff sure of himself. He is a really nice, very good looking guy, smart, with a lot to offer. And if anyone feels rejected its ME... I guess I just have expectations and I don't like being the girl who waits for some1 to call her... maybe I watch to many movies or something... and your right maybe I will call him! :) my fear is that I will cont liking him as much as I do, and in the end I will get hurt because he does not like me as much back...

    • Yep, that's always the problem. Relationships are NEVER 50/50. Ever. They go back and forth and always will. Someone will always feel less loved than the other. It's truly a balancing act and you really need to know how to play the 'game' in order to not get hurt. Sad, but true.

      Do you not have other guys in your life that are pursuing you? It's never a good idea to only go after one person when you have no other prospects. It makes you think to much and do stupid things :)

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  • Real life is not like the movies. At all. Especially chick flicks and romantic comedies. You need to talk to him about it! Sounds like this guy isn't very good at taking the initiative. It doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for you! So if you want this to work, you need to go up to him. Tell him what you want, even if it's just to be friends.

    • Thanks :) I really do want to talk to him! I'm just kinda nervous because since he is the first "guy" I have ever talked too you kno... but thanks :)

    • You can do it! :D

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