Dating someone and being attracted to another..

Guys if you were dating someone but you liked/were attracted to another girl, would you still talk/call/text the other girl, even though you were dating someone else? Or would you not contact her? Would it depend on how serious you were with the person you were dating or what? I am asking because this guy I barely knew asked me to go hiking and all on his bday in July. Since then he has texted me and called me ever few weeks, but I think he is seeing someone else. I heard that he liked me because he asks where I am, tested me saying he was thinking about me, and always tells someone to tell me hey and asks about me b4 he got my phone number/I went on a date w/him. So what would you do if you liked someone but were dating another and what do you think?


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  • I'd ask the girl out.

    Dating is just feeling people out. He's probably dating someone and interested in you and may figure your doing the same. It's just dating.


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