What am I doing wrong and right when I interact with people and advice on being a better communicator?

I am a nice and overall good person. Some guys, don't come on to me (they are older and are sort of expert in their fields) but when I talk to them, they are really "happy (nice, joking, laughing, sharing personal opinions, and remembered details about me from previous conversation, etc)". While others are really just trying to get my number to "network" but are really just asking me for dates. Is it my body language that is causing their reactions or what? I need to know what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong because even the guys that are reactive to active aren't asking me out but the one that I am not interested in are. Advice on how to know when and how to react the people.


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  • You just got to stop thinking about how they react and just be yourself. That's the only way you can get a date, is for a guy to see your true-self. And if they like it, they'll ask you out on a date. Just do seem to desperate.

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