What did he mean by sending me back my friends' message? PLEASE HELP read ull understand short story?

I have been talking to this guy for two years intensely flirting all the time but we both know realistically we could not be in a relationship because he goes to school in Chicago and I go to school in NY but he lives in Boston and I live in NY.

We have always talked about everything at least once a day or twice a day, with mutual hitting each other up. He soon started to get really flirty with me like come to Boston when I'm home, and I am not easy at all and I portray that.

I started to develop feelings for him, and got sick of him sending me all these messages instead of maybe something serious and for him to step up and say I like you, and obv we would both understand there would be no relationship because we are both away but at least admit it!

So last night I had my friend message him on Facebook saying..yo, how come every time I stalk through Emma's phone you guys are intensely flirting.

and my phone rings later from a text. he sends me the Facebook message without saying anything just the message so I play dumb and go..umm what is that..and he goes I don't know that's why I'm asking you..and I go I have no idea...and he sends me a huge smiley face..and I go I am mortified..and he says why...and I go I don't know long story never mind...he never answered..i deleted him off of fb in ANGER because after two years he had nothing to say to that what's wrong with him?

and I know him from high school when I was in high school


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  • He's probably gien up after flirting with you for so long and doesn't want to deal with it anymore since there's nothing happening


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