Why does she want to hang out if she doesn't have feelings?

Ok here's the story, I haven't talked to this girl in 4 years. She randomly texted me two weeks ago. every time I flirt with her she says that there is no feelings between us. But she keeps callin me to hang out. and every time it's really fun, no dull moment. She says she just got out of a relationship. But why does she keep wanting to hangout. Is it really possible all she wants is a friendship ONLY. Or cud she want more. Help me understand her. Why would you girls act like tht.


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  • This may come as a shock to you but not every girl who wants to hang out wants to get it on man. You're letting your romantic feelings cloud your judgement and your only seeing the interaction in the light that you want to see it. Let's look at the two possibilities

    1- She only wants to be just friends

    2- She DOES like you, but because she got out of a relationship, she is in no rush to get into anything romantic just yet

    Either way, it's up to you to take your d***, put it back in your pants, take a bow, and be a gentleman. Keep enjoying her company, and if the time is right, she'll begin to see you in a better light. Remember that love has to go both ways.


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