On online dating, what messages should I send? how should I write them and what should they include in the

message? because I know that when it comes to Online Dating, even if the guy is very attractive and his profile looks decent, good, great, but he is sending the wrong messages to girls, girls will not respond and automatically be turned off instantly, it will kill all of the attraction or ruin any chance the guy had in the first place, so, give me descriptions of how and what the messages should say in order to get a response.

be specific, give me examples of what I should write in a first message in hoping to get a response, what type of messages do girls hate the most?
why do I have very few answers?


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  • I think that one of the key things to do is to write messages with content that shows that you've complete read their profile. Though, with the limited responses I've gotten, maybe I'm wrong about this.

    • about time I got an answer

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