Date other girls unless you are exclusive?

My male friends say that while you are dating, you aren't exactly taken yet ,until you are exclusive so you can still go out with other girls/guys. I thought that when a guy is courting a girl its because he sees the girl as girlfriend and talking will lead to that exclusiveness. So my question is if a guy is talking to one girl for a while sweet talking her & asking her out, chances are he is doing the same with others?...Is this true? Are all guys like this or is this how it works?...question of curiosity ;)


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  • If a guy really likes you, he is not going to be dating other girls because he's going to feel like there's no reason to and all he's looking for is in you. If a guy is dating multiple girls at once, that says to me that he either...

    - doesn't want anything that's not shallow (as far as it comes to a relationship)

    - for whatever reason, isn't sure you are the only girl he wants in his life so he's dating around to see if he can find a girl who's better suit for him

    - is just plain selfish and feels like it's all about him and what he wants and what's best for him so he's gonna go out there and date a bunch of girls selfishly inconsidering the feelings of those girls who may get attached

    if I ever found out a guy I was talking to was talking to other girls at once, I would dismiss him so fast! I don't do that to them and I'd like the same consderation and respect for my feelings in return.


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  • To answer your question, no, not all guys are like this.

    How it "works" differs for every guy. Some will still see other people while others only concentrate on one girl.

  • Ye I do this and I think it is fair as the woman equally could have multiple guys courting her. Unless she is totally open and says I don't want you seeing others while we start dating then it is fair to be as exclusive as you wish.


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