Girl texted me to save her from being third wheel. Is that a good thing?

A girl that I've met up with about 6 times already texted me late last night saying "please save me I'm third wheeling" ha ha I didn't want to respond until this morning. Was she flirting with me?

Wow now she said she called up another guy instead. Damn


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  • Friendzoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Fuuuuuuuuckkk Yooouu! I feel like sh*t already haha.

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    • Dude you answered another one of my qyearlong about how girls react when she thinks a guy likes her. This is about the same girl! My username is Wassup

    • i kno son

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  • No, she wasn't flirting. She just didn't want to be a third wheel. I've done the same thing before with my friends.


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  • She might have been flirting with you and she might acctualy really wanted that you came so why didn't you? if you wanted to get laid, that was your chance bro.

    And she might say she called up another one to give you the impression you're not so special to her..

    • I only come up to where she lives a little on the weekends because my dad lives around there. And I didn't want to make myself seem to available and drop everything to rescue her ha ha (not saying that I wouldn't do it in an actual emergency). And maybe you're right about her trying to make me jealous haha.