I am in love with a guy who isn't the right guy for me?

How do I let him go because I still love him? We are seeing each other this week and I want him to love me but we have different things going on in our lives and it's not possible for us to actually be together. Anyone have a similar situation? What do you think I should do?


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  • Make the best of what you have, if you like him you can try long distance * wouldn't recommend it* or you can just see him when you see him and kinda do a fling for a bit or just try and forget about him and move on to other guys.


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  • You mean he's poor or going nowhere? Or both?

    Yeah so love is actually not the reason people get married or go out. These days people get married for economic reasons...they depend on the person for half the rent.

    Hopefully you find a nice guy that can take care of you and if you're lucky you might even sort of like him.

    Good luck :)

    • It's not because of his economic standing. The reasons are more complicated than that but thx tho :)

    • More complicated than that. So that IS a part of it. You can be honest here, you asked anonymously.

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  • I got on here to ask almost the same question. if you'd like to chat about it/message about the situation I'd be more than happy too. Maybe we can help each other out since we are both confused and in a similar position.