How to ask a guy to hang out? he lives 30 min away?

so we hung out once and when I got home I texted him saying that I got home and he said I hope you had fun because I did (: eeek! hahaha

so its been like a week and a half and I really want to hang out again. but when we finished our text from that night I said disneyland soon? and he said yeahh just tell me when(:

text him again? I've been texting him first -_- don't want to seem desperate!


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  • Ask him what he's doing for an upcoming weekend or holiday and provide some ideas.

    "Hey, what are you doing this weekend? I was thinking about going to Disneyland, wanna go?"

    If he says no, so be it. His loss. Disneyland is bomb. I'd go there if someone asked me. Seriously, who doesn't like the matterhorn

    • thanks! ill try that :) matterhorn is awesome! but indiana jones and spacemountains my favorite

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    • yeahh I always get the park hopper ticket :D you should go again! if you live close by... I live like 15 min away from there

    • I grew up in socal but my job's in washington state. Went from happy sunny days to rain, rain, clouds and rain. But yea... I need to go back there :D

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