In the process of fixing us... need advice

Ok so a few of you (IDK) might remember me mentioning my coworker that I started dating not to long after starting my job. We lasted about 3 weeks until my ex/best friend called and apologized and I spent the night at his place. I explained it to him afterward and have a few times that he is my best friend, his family is my family, etc. and that if we were to start dating I would be fine with him not letting me spend the night. I also explained that I've never had a guy care enough to be protective.

I explained about a week and a half ago. Since then we Haven't mentioned anything, we've flirted a little, I've cooked him dinner once, bought him a gatorade after work, invited him to food after work and have just been doing the small things. For most of the time that we've been broken up he's been physically distant but today he hugged me before he left (he initaited it). Are my actions working or is it time? Should I just keep doing what I'm doing? Is there any better way to go about it? Anything I can throw in... I mean I am really trying to make up for my actions even though nothing happened. I'm trying to show him that I want him and am loyal and caring... idk?

Also he heard that people at our work are talking about us... how do I deal with this? Will it make it harder for us to get back together or easier?

Oh I have also had him start joining me on breaks more often and he seems more interested in going out of his way to be around me.


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  • Men do not particularly like things a bit complicated .. so my advice is do as you usually do ..

    And about the matter in your workplace, my advice is just ignore them because it is about you two and not them ..

    hope it can help you..


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