First Kiss, First Drink?

So last night I was chilling with some friends. Everybody was either drunk or high. I was drunk for the first time. I'm normally a very shy, very reserved individual and the alcohol broke down all my walls to the point where I was able to talk to people. One guy in particular, who had been really stoned earlier. We sat on the couch he held my hand and let me lay on his shoulder. We talked for hours and during one of the conversations I mentioned that I had never been kissed. Hours after everyone had passed out we still sat on the couch holding hands and talking. Later on he leans in and kisses me. We kiss some more and eventually just make out. I had never been even remotely interested in this guy prior to this but now, I don't know. He seemed to sober up considerably but I was still pretty out of it, but coherent.

What do you guys think was it just because of the alcohol and pot? Or was that just the trigger for something more?

He really seemed into me and initiated all of the physical contact. He was also super considerate of my feelings and even helped me lay down and kissed me on my forehead goodnight. I haven't seen him since last night. I wonder if this will be awkward?


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  • He Probsly was intrested go ahead and talk to him mire

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