I dated this girl for a while but I screwed it up. Do you think she still thinks about me?

i heard her describe me as "perfect" to people. she was really into me. maybe like a month into our relationship I went out and partied then almost hooked up with some girl, I didn't though. it got back to her though somehow but what she heard is that I did. she never directly brought it up and I never addressed it, naturally it made things really awkward though. this caused a big unspoken strain in our relationship and I did something else that upset her and that's when we stopped talking completely. I know she was pretty upset the first couple of months. I was too but I hid it.

it's been several months now and I tried reaching out to her (through text). she was polite but distant, I asked her why she was so distant and if she just didn't want to talk to me and she said yes she reasons not to speak to me so to please stop talking to her.

well I am not going to bother her anymore. I just wonder if she still feels the same way I do


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  • Let it go, many other fish in the sea. If she had any real affection for you she wouldn't completely cut off contact like this.

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