How do I get him off my mind?

Every time I think I'm okay again, something would happen that would make me think of him. His sister and brother would randomly contact me or I would see something on Facebook that makes me sad or I would go somewhere or do something that reminds me of him. I haven't talked to him in almost 4 months and I tried my best to block anything on Facebook that would cause me pain. I want to move on from him and hope that we never see or speak to each other ever again.

We broke up in early April. Our breakup was due to the fact that he didn't have the same feelings for me anymore and it really hurts. I loved him so much so hear him say that when he kiss me, he doesn't feel the same way...broke my heart. We were living together, but we were more like roommates in the last 2 months of our relationship than anything else. So I made the choice to never be anywhere near him again. I gave up all of our mutual friends so I don't risk hearing about him or seeing him. I rather make new friends, then to be hurt again.'s still so hard.

I've kept myself busy all summer. I work full-time and on the weekends, I'd travel all over the place. I made some new friends and gone out more times than I've had in our entire relationship. I actually have more of a social life now than when we were together. I took all the breakup advice and did them all or most of them. But I feel like I'm running away and he's still always on my mind. Sometimes I wish that I can have selective amnesia so I can forget about this person.

As for dating, I haven't dated anyone else, but I have flirted with other guys. I just don't have any interest in dating right now. I just feel like if I do, I'll find myself in a rebound relationship and that can't be good for me or that person. So I've decided to be single for awhile...especially since I haven't been single for about 5 years. I don't know what that's like.

We actually broke up the first time last April and then got back together. I thought it was going to be different if I move here and live with him, but less than a year later, it was still the same. Though his reasons this time were different than the first time, but it was basically him giving up on us and the relationship. I've never felt so much pain in my life.


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  • It must be very rough for you. The only thing I could advise is something you already are doing- keeping busy.


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