People from the U.S. Have you heard about what is happening to our country?

What's your beliefs on the Illuminati? Do you believe our government is a good one? Well if so, explain why. If not, explain, why. Also, if you have a netflix account check out this documentary. "The end of America". It talks about how the government has passed laws making our government a fascist one. Were not aloud our freedom of rights anymore. There turning our country into a Third world country. They could arrest you for any reason they choose. Or even put us in camps like Adolf Hitler did to Germany.

link Watch this link. It's a guy who once was an Illuminati member

The Patriot Act, was passed by the president. George W. Bush. After 9/11. His father was president and wanted third world country. He passed the act, he wants the same thing. And so does Obama. When our country is turned into a third world country which it probably is already no one will have rights to do anything. link The president has authority to decide who is a terrorist or whose not. And the Patriot Law says that they could take your rights.
Like the women said in the link "you don't even have to be guilty".


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  • Finally I'm not the only one who post illuminati stuff on here! But just to warn you...there are a lot of idiots on this site who will call you names.


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  • ... I'm not big on conspiracy theories, although I do try to be open minded... I don't believe in half of what you said though.. our constitution says the gov cant... and theyd have to ammend the constitution in order to make a law contrary to it... and theyd never get the two thirds vote necessary

    • Have you heard of this thing called the Patriot Act? It violates the first, fourth and fifth ammendments, Obamacare also violates the Comerence clause.

      Hell, even income taxes are unconstitutional!

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    • Like I said I don't care if you believe me or not. I'm just giving you a heads up of what's to come. Whether you believe it or not is all up to you.

    • you actually didn't predict anything, rather said that bush's were driving us into a third world country (but looking at statistics shows a much higher employment rate than under the obama administration) as well obama is hte one raising the debt ceiling... I think he's nearly tripled the US debt right?

  • After many failed attempts to make people aware of what is going on I have finally given up and am just waiting for the next civil war, maybe then people will get it.

  • Yeah...

    There are certain protected classes in the us...

    Engineers and Scientists for example...


    Its all about double standards...

    Anyways...get a bug-out bag...and dual citizenship...and property overseas...

    Obviously need to have docs, the last delta between your offshore backup on a durable medium.

    Precious metals, full hazmat suit...tent...weapons...geiger counter...etc..complete surgical kit...

    Basically...everything you need to reach the coast and hitch a ride somewhere safe...where they need engineers and scientists...

  • It's not ruled by the illuminati. It's ruled by the patriots code-named the la-li-lu-le-lo.

    • It's ruled by dictators.

    • Are the illuminati against weed for some reason? Because that would explain A LOT.

  • If you use the word illuminati, you're too dumb for me to talk to.

    Only the truly stupid still believe that stuff.

    • Then why did you comment smart one? I guess we'll see what happens in the end and then we'll see whose the stupid one here.

    • The comment is for other peoples benefit.

    • Well you said and I quote, "you're too dumb for me to talk to". But yet you commented, talking to me. Not to anyone else.

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