Would I look desperate if I text him?

I was getting on really well with this guy and we kissed one night (hung out other times) he asked for my number and after we texted back a few flirty msgs and it got a bit dull and I suggested we hang out sometime. And he said "I dunno, I'll get back to you on that one okay?" I guess I was worried about being rejected so I said "It's cool, just forget I said anything"...I still like him though but I think I made it clear that I changed my mind (didn't want to be rejected) he hasn't texted me for about 3 days. Can I fix this anyhow? :(


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  • Just go hang out again, if the dude likes you he'll hang out with you. Other wise if he doesn't, he'll come up with some bullsh*t excuses.

    Text him see what he says. If he's definitely down to hang out shouldn't take much effort to get a green light.

    • Yeah but I don't know what to write in a text. I did tell him to forget about it :/

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    • But he didn't seem that interested and I don't want to annoy him and the fact he takes ages to reply. He did say "I dunno" which usually means no, not interested... And I don't want to look desperate as I already said forget about it.

    • Ok if your gut feeling is telling your he ain't interested then just go with that then.

      Move on.

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  • Does it really matter? Just text him already.

    • But I basically retracted my offer and he didn't seem that open to the idea...

    • Trust me, just text him already. don't make him wait.

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