Is dating when she comes back from Germany an option? Or is this just friends chatter?

Long story short this girl and I had just started to get to know each other a lot better before she left on a study abroad trip. We'd been friends, had gotten along well and flirted a decent amount every time we saw each other, but that wasn't often. For a while we were both dating someone, and then we both had a spectacularly bad breakup within about a week of each other, and I guess we both had the same thought of 'I'm going to drink til I don't remember that happened' at a friend's party.

Except at that party we ran into each other, started flirting, and at some point we just started kissing. Clothes came off but that was as far as things went, we both sobered up a bit after I got a text message from a friend downstairs 'congratulating' me. We spent the next 3 weeks trying to figure out where we actually stood with each other. Evidently we both liked each other a decent amount, were very much attracted to each other, but had some pretty serious problems still lingering. She also asked to make sure I hadn't fallen too hard for her, and was relieved when I told her no. As she put it she 'didn't want to hurt a nice guy' because she definitely wasn't keeping a relationship going overseas. I thought at the time she meant that was it, just friends from then out.

Except even though she's in Germany right now (and has been for 5 months now) we're still talking online for a while every 3-4 days. Given the MASSIVE time difference I think that's pretty dang good... especially since she has now made me promise to come see her band perform when she comes back in November. She mentioned she missed everyone back here, and when I told her we'd have to host a 'welcome back to America' party she told me I better wear my Army shirt, she loves that thing.

I thought I had zero chance with this girl, and didn't honestly think I'd miss her as much as I've realized I am. Do I still have a chance at dating when she comes back?


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  • yeah hey there's a chance for everything. Is she often busy and how long are your text discussions during those 3-4 days? I think she shows interest in you, or she sees you as a friend. What do you talk about in your discussions? do you flirt? does it get dirty? or is it just normal talk? There is a possibility you can date her when she comes back. update me

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