Ok well I really like this girl and would love to date her but there is a couple problems

i really like this one girl but there is a couple problems. Problem number one, she has a kid. Problem number two, she takes bikini photo shoots and everyone tries to hit on her now, and I don't really like the fact that so many people are trying to hit on her. So what should I do in this situation?


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  • I am so tired of hearing your posts. Do you really wonder why I said you shouldn't get to know her child until about a year into the relationship?

    You have a beautiful girlfriend (prospective girlfriend?). And here's the thing about beautiful girls: men hit on them. It doesn't mean she will cheat or that she doesn't know what she has. It does mean that you will be physically aroused by her body. It also means you will feel proud about having a beautiful woman that wants you. It doesn't matter is she is posing for photographers, does it? And don't most men want a bikini model?

    • to me it does.. I'm starting to get kind of angry how many guys hit on her

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    • Exactly. Stick with your sexy girlfriend and make yourself the kind of guy she knows she is lucky to have.

    • yea true. but I know I'm luck to have a girl like her f*** she's sexy haha

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  • Her child and her are a package deal, no one expects you to play daddy but you have to show that you care for the child and that you can have the potential to be a father when and if the time comes. As far as the pictures and attention from other guys you should just be happy she choose you and not them. If there is trust issues then the relationship will never work. At the end of the day as long as your both happy then that is what matters. If it really bothers you then talk to her about it. Anyways good luck.

  • Deal with it. When a girl is attractive, guys hit on her. That's life. Either she's worth it, or she's not. No one can really give you advice on this.

    • yea very true but I am starting to become very angry with all these dudes hittin on her

    • Say something to the guys, if she's a decent person you shouldn't have anything to worry about, she should just brush them off.

    • yeah I could do that

  • Well, first of all you have to decide if you are going to be commited and understanding in a relationship with a single mother. She won't always have time for you, and the child will come first in most cases. Also, you will be expected to bond with the kid, or at least be comfortable around them. And as for the thing about everyone hitting on her and the pictures she posts, either you'll have to explain that it makes you uncomfortable or just trust her.

    • i trust her . and I love the kid to death so the kid is not a problem

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