To call or not to call?

Hey guys.

When a man says, “don’t be stranger call me sometime”. Do you really mean it, or is that code for something else? Is it something you would say to a girl you like as a friend or a potential girlfriend?

I recently went to lunch with a man I really like. Right after we hugged and said our goodbyes he stopped prior to getting in his car and told me exactly that.

He knows I’m not much of a “phone” person; we usually communicate via email and text. Is he trying to tell me something?

Anybody else? I have a great topic to call him about, I just need the cheerleading!


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  • He is telling you he wants to talk to you on the phone. There is no code.

    If I had to guess, he formally means it as a friend, and informally he means it as a potential girlfriend. That way he has protected himself but still encouraged the two of you to become closer.

    • Too funny, my thoughts exactly. Always sounds better when someone else says it though.

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