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Ok, so when I was like 11 I had a crush on my older sisters best friend. (He's a he) Well him and her stopped being friends like forever ago and I haven't seen him, or talked to him since they stopped being friends. Well I was on and I matched him. I sent him a message saying hi. Well him and I have been messaging for like two weeksish. We've text a little, and have found that we actually have a lot in common. He is Majoring in Japanese, and I have a Japanese exchange student living with me this year. So me and my exchange student invited him over for dinner this weekend. My sister is telling me to go for it, and to date him. But I'm not sure is he likes me, or would even want to date me, also I'm afraid that he still thinks of me as the little girl that has a crush on him. Should try and date him, or should I just settle with just being friends? (He's 18, I'm almost 17)


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  • Go for it! It would make such a cute story in the end if you guys do work out


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