He stood me up and didn't say anything what should I do?

So this guy that I've been talking to says he likes me. He said he would come over yesterday (Monday) after he got off work and he never showed. I waited all day at my house for him and I didn't text or call him because he was at work and he didn't know what time he would get off so I didn't bother. it turned 10p,m so I got tired of waiting and went to my friends house to get my mind off it. Were supposed to have to see a movie Friday and I am thinking about calling Friday off because he hasn't contacted me at all. Should I text him asking why he was a no show?


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  • Just send an "are you alive" text

    if he doesn't respond odds are he did not pay his phone bill, broke his phone, decided he wants nothing to do with you or he really did die.

    If he does respond you can either depending on your personality.

    send him an "okay" text and not say anything after that...

    send him a " Do you have Altzhimerz (memory loss) if not I am never going to speak to you EVER again." text.

    I would choose the second one just because that's me personality wise. If I didn't choose the second text choice I would not say anything at all...because I would be thinking this dude is a waste of my time. And move on to the next guy that I became interested in.

    But honestly if he really cared he would be texting you telling you why he was a no show.

    • he must have died. I texted him last night and no response. I think I will cancel Fridays date since its obvious he doesn't want anything to do with me.

    • lol well you will be making other plans with other guys on Fridays in no time and they will actually show...so his loss. hope all goes well 8)

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