As we parted, she kept saying "call me" but when I call or text, doesn't respond?

This is sort of a long story so I will try to keep it short.

Met this girl last Sunday while I was traveling for work. I made an awkward mistake while working with her on a professional level and I felt really bad about what happened so apologized profusely and asked her if she wanted to go get dinner with me so that I can make it up for my mistake. She didn't hesitate to accept and we went out to get dinner. We hit it off well. She was very cool with everything and I liked the fact that she didn't let the little things bother her.

A day later, it was labor day and we both had time off and I was to travel again that evening. I asked her if she wanted to get lunch with me and she said yes. We basically spent the the day together. I didn't want to leave so decided to stay the entire week and she said she was happy that I decided to stay for a bit.

Fast forward, we spend some more time together although we are both busy so I saw her every other day or so. We made love a couple of times during the week and other times we went out to lunch or dinner as each of our schedules allowed.

Fast forward again to the end of the week and I had to leave. We hugged for a long time in the parking lot. Eventually it came time for us to part. She kept telling me to call her and I told her that I would.

So within the past couple of days, we texted a little bit. Last night I decided to give her a call and she didn't pick up. This morning I gave her another call and she didn't pick up and haven't responded to my texts.

Not exactly sure what to think now or do. I guess I just have to wait to hear back from her. I did tell her that I was going to be back to see her so that she didn't think that this was just some fling for me. Now I am thinking that this may just have been a fling for her.

Don't even know what I'm asking. If anything, I am trying to think the situation through by writing about it. Anyone have any insightful thoughts?


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  • Don't text her anymore, just wait and see what she does. The way I see it there are two options:

    Option A: Lost her phone/busy/phone messed up or any other valid excuse.

    Option B: This was a fling to her and she's moved on. Time for YOU to move on then.

    If it's option A, she'll find a way to contact you again. If it's option B, she'll just disappear.

    • Thanks. Option A would suck cause I like her but then again we never really talked about what we were or anything.

    • Oops, I meant option B would suck. hahah :)

    • I think you should've :\

      Anyway, plenty of fish in the sea. :)

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