Where was your first date and what did you do or talked about?

I like a boy and there are signs that he likes me too but he's kinda shy and quiet so if I want something to happen I have to take the first step, but I want to know what I can do or should talk about and I'm not that good with flirting. PLEASE ADVICE what did you do or what do you want to do on your first date? thanks XD <3


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  • Whoa, you sound exactly like me!

    My boyfriend was a really shy guy as well. I, like you're planning, took the first step, and via a whole plan my friends asked him out on a date for me. And we did go, and he was really charming actually. We went to eat an ice-cream, and went bowling. Also, we ate dinner. I think you shouldn't go to the cinema or something, because then you can't talk to him.

    As for the talking, just talk about casual things. Ask about what he does in school/work/whatever, what his hobbies are, what his favorite music is. That's what I did. You could do it really smooth like when you hear a song play somewhere you could go like 'Hey, I really love this song! How aobut you? What's your favorite type of music?' Or if you want to seem intelligent, talk about something you saw in the news.

    About the flirting, just be yourself and smile a lot! Smiling really helps so much, you can't believe it. Even if it's only a simple, gentle smile (with or without showing your teeth, it doesn't matter) I'm not good with flirting at all. Be sure to make eye contact with him, so look him in the eyes when you're talking to him, or when you're having dinner and sitting across each other (that's what happened to me xD but I was so shy I couldn't look him in his eyes, BIG MISTAKE) Just touch him casually, when he makes a joke or for example with bowling, he hits them all, give him a high five. That would be enough for a first date.

    Dont forget, never rush things. Everything will fall into place eventually. (:

    Best of luck to you, I really hope it works out ! Xx.

    sorry for my extreme long answer haha. I hope it helps you though (:

    • dont be sorry I LOVE your long answer XD you gave me some good advice

      i can't wait to go on a date with him now

      now I have to ask him. . . . . .IM SCARED X( werent you scared to be rejected? he showed signs that he likes me 2 but still if that happens. . . . I work with him I share classes with him and his locker s next to mine omg like fate XD when and how did you had your first kiss with your guy?

      sorry for asking this much XD Xx

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    • And for the kissing question, I wanted him to kiss me right on the first date, but he didn't. In the end, I?m glad. Just a 2 weeks ago, he did give me my first kiss. We had to be more comfortable with each other, so never rush things! And aw, you sound so cute! I really hope it works out for you! Let me know how everything goes, I?m way curious ! xx

    • omg you have a good friend XD my friend is also like that :P

      maybe I''ll do that :P but too some people it was already obvious :P

      thanks for your advice thouhg XD can't wait <3

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  • I have never been on a date but I am a shy guy and I think it would be great if a girl took the first step. I think you should talk about things he likes or is good at because it would make him more comfortable. I know normally you want to talk about things the girl wants I guess but it will help him a lot if you let him talk about stuff he is good at.

    • still to take the first step s still scary for me XD I can be loud but when I'm with him sudden I don't know what to say :P thanks for the advice I want him to be comfortable with me :D where would you like to go on a first date if I may ask :P

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    • believe me I would cry 2 for hours but still :P

    • I understand

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