So I like this girl and we text. How can I get her to like me more?

When we text are their anythings I can do to get her to like me more in text. I feel like I am so close to her liking me ? Any tips ? thanks :)


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  • Get off the phone and hang out would be the best thing. Then with texting:

    First, try not not text a lot, things get misinterpreted and can become boring when in excess. Send a few back and forth in between meetings. Don't have "deep" convos through text. Keep it fun most of the time.

    Use smiley faces and punctuation. That way she knows your not serious. Also don't say "JK" when you tease. makes you look like a wimp. Just smile.

    Use humor, role play, nicknames, inside jokes, tease, call her funny names, etc. Balance with smiles! :)

    SEXting. Oh yes, you can get more sexual through text, and she'll be more open to it. Great to do after you've hung out a couple times or after getting close but not having sex. Lead up to it with related topics, like "i just got out of the shower" or anything that could lead sexual. Get her warmed up and excited to see you again. Talking through text is almost like talking drunk, you don't care as much what you say as in person.

    You're a busy guy right? Even if you're not, don't always reply right away. She wants to wonder and build up anticipation for your next reply or the time you hang out again.

    A lot of this applies outside of texting to, but it should help spice up your phone. :D