Not sure what to do, advice?

Met Ashley about 4 weeks ago online, get on really well, due to prior engagements and a 1.5 hour drive between us we didn't get to meet until Sunday. I visited her and we had a great first date, longer than planned and only ended when it did because of her babysitter.

Second date is this Saturday, when she is driving to my area as her kids are at their dads this weekend.

Before she comes I was wondering if I should suggest she can stay over if she wants or should I just wait and see what happens? If she does, I'll be sleeping on the sofa and she can have my room.

I'm only considering suggesting it on the second date purely because

1. its a long drive home if the date runs quite late and I don't like the idea of her driving if she's tired.

2. she can pack clothes etc before hand just in case.

Oh and obviously it would also be nice to spend some more time with her on Sunday before she has to go home :)


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  • There is a reason that she is coming on a weekend that she doesn't have her kid- us mommas need some adult time. Definitely offer and say you will sleep on the couch, most likely she will accept and won't make you sleep alone because everyone needs a little cuddle time which is totally appropriate for a second date. If she doesn't accept, don't take it personally, but I am sure she will not be offended by you at least offering. I am in the same situation as the guy I recently started seeing lives an hour away. The first time I stayed, I came out and asked if I could stay so I could pack a bag (and we had planned on partying and I figured I might have a few drinks). He laughed and said that he wanted to offer, but didn't know how I would take it. Maybe she is afraid of asking you- good luck!


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  • ''Sofa's broken''... TAP THAT SHIT

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