Were these dates? Please help :)

Going furniture shopping together (just me and the guy), then picking up another friend and hanging out at the beach (all three of us) although the guy would make sure that he would be in the middle so I'll always be by his side. When he dropped me off at my place, I caught him looking at me to make sure that I got to the house safe even though it was like, in broad daylight.

We went to the bar after work to grab a drink with some friends of ours. We picked up another friend on the way, but at the bar, he was mainly just talking to me and we would sit pretty close that our arms would touch, and he wouldn't back off. This time, he dropped me off at my place, and as I was about to get out of the car, he started randomly talking as if he wanted to spend more time together...anyway, I gave him a goodnight hug and left after we finished talking for a bit.

okay so I was just wondering if those two constitute as dates, and if so...the guy likes me? in a " I wanna date you" kinda way?


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  • No, they don't count as dates.

    If he didn't ask you out, they don't count.

    • Why the hell does the guy have to ask the girl out, to make it official in the first place, and not vice versa?

    • He just does.

    • wow that thing still holds!? I've been on dates where it just happened to turn out to be a date. Why is there a need for a guy to be like, "ok this is a date"? I kinda hate that actually...takes away the spontaneous fun

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  • yes, he likes you

    • aw man...thanks :) and yeah that's pretty much what all of my friends said...

  • I think he likes you.

    • Thanks :) that's pretty much all of my friends said, just being cautious because I got burned so many times...

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