Should I ask this guy to hang out? Or should I wait for him to ask?

So I added this guy I knew who was a mutual friend on Facebook, and we started messaging each other and talking, and then he gave me his number, and I gave mine, and he texted me. We have been texting for 2 days now, and I want to hangout with him to get to know him more instead of talking through a phone. Should I casually ask him to go to a movie with me and some friends on Friday? Or should I wait for him to ask me to hangout with him first?


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  • well straight up guys are stupid and don't really catch on to hints so if you get tired of waiting you can be like " I'm going out to... do you want to come with" or if your really good you can say "i don't really know these people and I don't want to be left out all night can you come?" this implies you're going to pay attention to him and he'll like that.

    well that's what I do with girls


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