Help me on planning tomorrow's hanging out with her ladies?

I have known this girl for couple of months and after exchanging conversation and have realized that we have a lot in common. I asked her to hang out with me tomorrow, and she said yes. Please answer my questions and provide me some tips so that I could transform from a hang out to a great date!

So I previously asked her to get coffee then going to swing dance tomorrow. Swing dance starts at 8 pm and ends at 12, so I tried to do coffee at 7 pm. But she works at the gym until 6 pm, so it seems that the timing is too tight.

So, now I am thinking that I should dance with her then go to an ice cream place. I have done swing dancing for couple of months and have never told her about this, so I am trying to surprise her. There is a Gelato place in downtown, so I should take her there. (1) What do you think about this plan?

For swing dance, I would need to behave carefully here. Free lesson starts at 8pm to 9 pm, then there is free dancing form 9pm to 12 am. I am thinking about staying til 10 pm or 10:30 pm and go to gelato place with her. (only if she says yes). (2) is this timing okay?

One concern I have is that, at swing dance place, you get to dance with almost everyone. I noticed that a lot of girls wanted to dance with me. When I danced with many girls, some girls who were new there were extremely jealous. This is something I am trying to avoid tomorrow. (3) So should I just dance with her? and perhaps dance with my friends only after I tell her that I am going to dance with my friends?

Please answer my numbered questions and give me some tips and suggestions please! She is extremely gorgeous!


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  • 1) plan is good. You can make small adjustment as the night goes on.

    2) the timing is good. Again you can make small adjustments as the night progresses. Don't be too rigid. Relax.

    3) I am guessing you like her a lot which why you posted this question. So dance only with her and give her your undivided attention. You can say hello and be friendly with other people. Make sure there are guys in that mix so it doesn't raise issues in her mind.

    • one concern is that during lesson, people keep "rotate"meaning that once we learn certain component of dance move, we switch partners. This would last for an hour, and I see couples not switching partners. Since we are just hanging out, I guess it's natural to rotate correct?

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    • Thanks for the pick .. Don't you hate it when no One replies?!

    • yeah you are welcome. and thank you for replying! so the first hanging out went really well! she thoroughly enjoyed what we did and I had a light kiss with her too. (on her lips) ha ha again thank you so much!

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