Why is my ex acting this way?

Me and my ex have been hanging out together since our break up in June recently we have been doing what we would usually do go out to eat hang out and eventually have sex. But over the past few days he has been acting strange he never text messages me back right away or when I try to flirt with him or try to turn him on its some how funny I don't know how I should take this as he is not interested in me any more or he is just not into wanting to talk about sex. Please help me out I'm trying to get back with him I just feel like its something I'm doing wrong or I should just move on.


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  • what you need to do is start being less available to him. It seems as tho he's taking you for granted right now...

    the not responding right away is OK, don't freak out over this - people are busy and have lives...

    talking about sex is weird, its just gotta happen for it to be right...you know what I mean, I mean ervery now and then its OK to say "hey wanna have sex" but usually, at least myself, I like it to just happen and go with the flow...

    you two are broken up, he may have some other options out there, I'm just being as honest as I can be...i don't know if id take not texting back right away or not wanting to talk about sex a bad sign? maybe the not wanting to talk about it but I guess it depends what/how you talk about sex...

    i'd still say be less availbe...stop texting him all the time and let him initiate it, let him wonder why you aren't texting or responding ASAP...but not only do this to see where he stands but to help you start moving on, because you shouldn't put your life on hold for anyone...if things end then this will make it a little bit easier, but it might work out in your advantage and have him realize what you are to him...he needs to find out what life is like w/o you so he knows what he currently has...

    so yeah take some time away and hang out with friends...i know this is all easier said than done but it will benefit you with any outcome, try top stay occupied and stop worrying about what he is doing all the time...remember you're both single right now


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  • stop being so availible to him he's going to take you for granted , I know this is hard but just move on , if hel really wants to be with you he will make an effort but right now he's not ,so don't stress yourself out about this because it will make you miserible ,just make yourself happy (:

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