What is some advice you would give to everyone about dating and relationships and how not to get hurt?

I think after a certain age, everyone's had their fair share or bad or simply abusive relationships. I've had mine. What is some advice you would give to others? Here is some of mine:

Don't take any crap from anyone, not even your bf/gf, lover or spouse. The moment they are being a jerk, get out.

Don't let people play you for a fool. If you get even a smidgeen of disrespect, tell them that they are being disrepectful to you. If they argue with that or excuse themselves instead of being geniunely sorry, they are not real friends or lovers. Just kick them out of your life.

Don't let people weasel back into your life through their sweet talking and loose promises.

Don't be caught up in them acting nice, its REGULAR behavior that counts, and not the few times they are being extra sweet to make up for the bullsh*t you went through before.

No matter how romantic or passionate a relationship can be, its nothing if they are verbally or emotionally abusive, or difficult to live with.

People don't change if you stay with them. They only change if you leave.

Life is too short to spend any time being miserable.

Remember to love yourself. And only allow someone into your life and into your heart, who is going to love you just as much or even more, and not any less.

Well best wishes to everyone. and I hope many people are saved from going through some of this stuff. When in doubt, get out!


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  • You have learned a lot that I agree with. You are completely right.

    I remember a few years back a friend told me, "You need to teach your daughter that people will hurt her. But that when they do, she needs to leave." And I remember feeling completely stunned because it was actually the complete opposite of the lessons my mother had taught me about loyalty at all costs, forgiveness being divine, and personal responsibility being the backbone of a relationship. Now at my age, after having lived through more relationships than I care to number, my friend was right. People will hurt you. And when they do, you need to leave.

    You cannot let good things into your life, if it is filled to capacity with crap.

    • Yeah sadly its true. There is a lot of people in the world that would hurt you, whether its intentional or not. But some people are just that way that they will use or abuse people without a thought really, or with no guilt or no acknowledgement of wrongdoing, and they will continue to do that as long as they have a victim or someone so loving, or giving, that they can exploit.

      Yes, make space for the good :). There are always good people out there. Ones that won't take you for granted.

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