I started talking to this guy on a dating site. I could use advice about this!

I started talking to this guy on a dating site. He then gave me his number and said I should give him a call sometime if its easier to communicate with each other. So I text him 2days later. He replied back in like 5min most. Then we text back and forth for a couple days. Now a week later he is texting me a lot through out the day and he calls at least once a day to talk. He lives 3states away and asked me to come see him for a weekend. He also has been asking a lot of little unimportant questions like what's my fav music, fav color, if I have a big family. He also asked what's the craziest thing I've ever done or if I want kids someday. when my birthday was. He told me he likes me a lot and texts me that also. Just questions like that. He told me he went on the dating site when his girlfriend left him in May. So with him doing this do you think he does like me and is interested or am I what you call a rebound or if he wasn't into me why would he waste his time with me when I live 400 miles away from him? What is your opinion on this? Should I give it a try or what should I do or see it.


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  • 1. he didn't offer to visit you,he said you should visit him,which is a lot more comfortable for him

    2.he could ask you these questions to make you believe he's interested in a long-term thing

    i think if he was serious about that,he would visit you. maybe he's hoping that you would sleep with him.

  • I believe that the questions he is asking you show that he is interested in you. Those type of questions he asking are to find out more about you. The fact that he is texting you regularly and calling you is a good sign, a indicator of his interest in knowing more about you.

    The only thing that concerns me is.. why his girlfriend left him. Did he tell you why? Have you discussed your previous dating history yet?

    He is asking you to visit him.. is that because he has his own place and you don't perhaps? Or have you told him that you'd feel more comfortable if he visited you first.. perhaps stayed 1/2 nights in a hotel nearby? Obviously it wouldn't be a good idea to let him stay at your place, especially if you're concerned about whether he just wants to sleep with you or not.

    • No we never discussed his previous relationship. He never has asked about mine at all. Yes he does have his own place and no I do not have my own place. He is text me this afternoon "Hey, Babe how are you? Are you having a good day?" Then tonight he text "Well Darling, I'm off to bed. sweet dreams and ill talk with you tomorrow". He has asked me if I like cuddling and that he would love to cuddle with me and hold me in his arms.