He wants to keep our communication a secret?

So what does it mean if he doesn't want people to know that we're communicating? Should I follow my guts and stay as far away from him as possible?

We're co-workers so he says it's because of that. But our company is pretty casual and we have so many couples working here so it's not like our company cares about workplace dating.

Our communication at this point is still very casual because it's what I prefer now. So basically, we're only friends and he already wants to keep it on the downlow. Because of that, I feel like I shouldn't trust him.

Oh and I forgot to.mention, it's not like I'm a tattle tale either. I'm a very quiet person, and he knows that. So whether or not he told me that, I don't see why I should be telling others about us. The fact that he had to make sure that I don't tell anybody makes me suspicious


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  • I wouldn't trust him,and I would back off communicating with him. Makes me think he may be communicating with others!


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