Should I try and kiss her?

I have been getting to know this girl and she definitely is getting closer to me just based on what she has told me

We have been closer to each, getting to know one another really well. I want to date her and have her as my girlfriend. She knows that I want to be with her but I want to avoid the friend zone BS. We have already hung out once. The next time we hang out I'm going to go for a kiss depending on how it goes. What do you think? I want her to know that I am a nice guy in all, but I am not your bff but you boyfriend.


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  • How long have you known this girl if you're not friends but you know her really well? Sometimes it helps to really have a friendship with the girl before you make a move on her. Just a slight one even. I'm not saying be her 2AM call/ BFF but know her well enough that you guys are almost or pretty much considered "friends" more then "acquaintances". At the earliest "friends" stage is when you should start to determine if she really likes you, and if you think she does, then ask her out. I wouldn't just kiss her right away, give it a little time.

    But yeah, bottom line, being slightly friends will not ruin your chances of being with her. It will just mean you know each other better and will make it more likely that she will say yes to a relationship.


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