Dating like a guy - advice?

I'm going to try this. Guys, what are your views on dating? I know some of you will probably answer this with 'not all guys are players' - save it. I know. The majority, though, are.

I want to know how guys see girls: hook-ups, dates, random kiss whatever. The way I see it, I need to not get emotionally attached and I am determined to test this theory. I might let you all know how it's going. Any advice, guys?


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  • I'm not into hook-ups. As far as dating goes, I take a "Hitch" view on it. Yes, it's a movie, but I do like the three-date idea. In my opinion, the purpose of the first date is getting to know each other and get comfortable around each other, so I usually recommend dinner and a movie. The second date is for branching out a little more, so bowling, laser tag, stuff like that. Date three and four is determining if you're compatible and finding out where the relationship is going. Random kisses, if we're official I don't mind at all. I don't know if this answers your question at all, but that's how I look at it.

    If you don't mind my asking, could you explain why you want to avoid attachment?

    • mainly because I am fed up of waiting around for guys. I do realize that when the right one comes along, and he will soon enough, I will get emotionally attached because I will realize that he is worth it. I mean I don't want to be the classic girl and worry about what he's thinking, what everything means, I just want to.. have fun. I get the impression that this is what guys do?

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    • I don't plan on telling them to get lost, obviously I won't be a complete cow towards them, I just don't want to get attached to them unless they prove it's worth it. I don't quite know how to explain it.. I know not all guys are like this, chances are I won't find the ones that aren't like this if I just want to have fun, I'm sure I will notice if a decent one comes along. I guess if I tell them to get lost, it wasn't meant to be.. he'd somehow come back if he was Mr Right.

    • Hence my three-date outlook. That's not to say you should make it official after three dates, but that's when you should start having the discussion about where it's going and when you should invest a little more emotion. Take me for instance. I honestly don't know when I would tell a girl that I love her, though I would certainly have that attachment to her.

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  • When your looking for a pottetial date, don't go for the one who wows you, or where there's a massive attraction, or he is making the most effort to get your attraction, because, the worthy guy will be the quiet one, the one that watches, because he knows what he wants and will wait to find what he wants, and he will watch you, to see if you would fall for the charms of a player, so stay away from the guys who make a massive effort, and look for the ones who are quiet, because these guys are interested, they just don't need to prove their worthy, they just want to see if their worthy of you, so, make a choice, the bad guy who is always making himself noticed, or the worthy guy who hangs around being quiet and going with the flow, up to you, x

  • at least for emotionally where you want to be (unfortunately for me). I never have feelings about the girl. I'm my own boss, and if I ain't happy, its over. that simple. I walk away, move on , and never think about you again. you want to know if we see girls as hookups, dates, and stuff or how we view each individual situation? I see girls as something guys desire...some desire sex. some more than that, some are cool with being friends. but the fact is ALL guys want sex, so there's no way around that one...and most guys are going to want sex early in a relationship to see if its worth pursuing. the problem is girls kinda have to give in before holding out too long or the guy will just move on. you can say you won't get emotionally attached lol, but from girls I've talked to/dated/whatever, I tell them I don't want a girlfriend and they say they are cool with it. 3 mo later when tell them I don't want to hang out anymore, they start crying...Jesus!


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